Controller & I/O Modules

Controler & I/O modules controls different functions such as relay, valve and motor control for commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles , marine and industrial machines.
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Keypads & Buttons

Keypads & Buttons are used in cars, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and industrial machines.
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Joysticks & Buttons are used in applications including agricultural, construction & industrial machines.
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Our sensors are used in automotive & machines in the industry depending on for safety, control, and affordability.
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Electronic pedals with contacless sensor for automotive, commercial vehicles, construction machines and agricultural industries.
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Control Levers

Control Levers control are intended for use with electronic engines as a remote  hand operated directional controls.
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System : Door Access

Door handles, locks, latches, actuators, touch buttons and RKE central lock control units have proved themselves in bus and coaches as a part of reliability and durability.
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Mechatronic Systems for Mobile & Industrial
Makersan's mechatronic solutions provide  integrated environment for developing and managing mechanic and electronic  contents in a remarkable source of product and process knowledge in the areas of manufacturing accelerator pedals with contactless sensor, throttle levers, pressure sensors, rotary position sensors, speed sensors and temperature sensors.
Our powerful experience in the automotive industry, makes us your best bet in the bargain to stay ahead of the quality & cost competition on the subject of sensing, controlling and actuating applications within the light of ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications of ours.
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